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Kling Chiropractic is a Holistic Healthcare Center

Our treatments are administered with a "whole body" natural healing approach.  We address why your body is causing the problem to occur.  While the conventional "drugs and surgery" approach have a place in health and recovery processes, we feel that whenever possible we should first address our health concerns from a natural, "what is causing the problem" approach.

Our bodies are a powerful self healing organism.  When surrounded by the proper environment, our bodies can quickly heal itself and prevent almost any disease. As a living organism, we should endeavor to find the cause of our health problem(s) and treat accordingly.  We should avoid going directly to drugs or surgery which usually, if not always, address the effect of the underlying ailment but does not eliminate the true cause of your problems.

Like finely tuned machinery, our bodies must be properly 'maintained' .... we should endeavor to expose our bodies to these three fundamental elements for optimal health.


  1. Proper Physical Structure
  2. Best Possible Nutrition

  3. Positive Emotional Attitude

Ignoring any of these important ingredients will slow, or even prohibit any healing processes.  Learn more about the "Triangle of Health" and why it is so important.

Feel free to openly discuss with Dr. Kling the benefits (and liabilities) of all the health care options open to you.

"The best health care for your body is when YOU care about the health of your body"


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